CoolSculpting Vs. Red Light Therapy


Everyone knows how some people are so lucky to eat cake and whatever else they want and not gain weight. On the other hand, some quickly gain pounds regardless of how little they eat. If you find yourself at this end of the spectrum, you must have tried to tone up at the gym and control your diet. But do you still struggle with burning those excess fats? Fortunately, there are several non-surgical solutions to help you lose weight. Two of the popular new generation treatments today are CoolSculpting and red light therapy. If you're wondering which cosmetic method suits you best, read on to find out the pros and cons of each.


CoolSculpting: Advantages and Disadvantages


Are you having trouble getting rid of those unwanted bulges along your tummy, waist, buttock, or thighs? CoolSculpting may be what you've been looking for. It's a procedure that involves freezing away fat cells to help you achieve a smooth, well-toned appearance in those common trouble areas. Many people choose to undergo this non-surgical option because:


  • CoolSculpting Is Not Painful. You may feel the applicator suck the skin like a vacuum when your treatment starts. You may feel cold in the problem area, but overall, the sucking sensation shouldn't hurt.


  • It Doesn't Require Downtime. Each session usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes per area. You can get this treatment done and go about your day as usual. You don't have to concern yourself with changing bandages or taking things easy, as the procedure doesn't involve incisions. 


  • It Offers Impressive Results. You can expect the results of your CoolSculpting treatment after a few weeks. So long as you continue with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program, you'll see that the outcome will last long. 


CoolSculpting may be an excellent option for those who want to look and feel fit and healthy without going under the knife. But this procedure is not a treatment for people who are severely overweight. CoolSculpting also has some side effects. These include redness, bruising, and swelling in the treated area. Although it rarely happens, some patients may have to deal with extreme adverse effects following the procedure. These include severe skin numbing and intense pain around the targeted area.


What Can You Benefit from Red Light Therapy


Red light therapy, also known as infrared light or low-level laser therapy, is another emerging treatment for removing excess fat. Like CoolSculpting, it's a popular body sculpting method that doesn't involve surgery. It works by applying laser emitting red, blue, and infrared light about an inch or two into your skin. It targets the fat layer sitting right below your skin's surface. Once parts of the cell membrane have temporarily broken down, stored fat cells shrink and leach through. They're then eliminated as part of your body's natural process of removing waste. 


Unlike CoolSculpting, each session of red light therapy only takes between 10 and 40 minutes per area. Many people consider this cosmetic treatment to help reduce appetite, improve body contouring, and provide more fat-burning energy.


Both options are a safe and non-invasive solution to those pesky fats. Do you want to look lean and trim? Discuss your fat loss treatment options in more detail today with our plastic surgeons in Orlando Laser Lipo. Call our office now in Orlando, Florida, to schedule your consultation. 

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