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“If you are looking for a quick fix then this service is not for you. You have to commit to the whole sixty days. Follow the very easy instructions and you will get phenomenal results. ”

Clyde Q.

“ It was a great experience I lost a lot of inches and I’m still loosing ”

Omaira E.

Thank you so much, Dr. Joe. You and your team have been amazing... I look and feel great.

Mark J.

Clean and professional staff. They really made me feel comfortable. Dr. Terranova is great and explains the whole process. My results have been amazing.

Keith G.

I have tried so many different weight loss programs. Orlando Laser Lipo has got it down to a science. The program is easy to follow. I lost 6 inches on my first treatment.

Eric S.

To everyone reading this I will say that so far I am amazed by the results. I have only been on the program for 30 days and I have lost two dress sizes. The best part is they give you all the tools to …

Pat M.

If you are looking for results like you get from surgery this is not the place for you. What they use is all-natural with no side effects. I have had 8 treatments and I am very pleased with the results. It just takes time.

Mack K.

Orlando Laser Lipo was truly amazing. We love the service there and the clinic was in tip-top cleanly condition. The staff members are amazing and very caring over the patients. Dr. Joe is very personable and has a keep it real with your attitude. Can't wait to return to Orlando for further visits/treatments.

India C.

I have been struggling with weight loss for many years. You name it, I have tried it. This program really works. Just take the drops 3 times per day, eat sensibly, and your good to go. The light therapy has also reduced my wrinkles significantly.

Allyn S.

Thanks Dr. Terranova, and everyone at Orlando Laser Lipo. You have helped me accomplish what I have not been able to do for ten years. I’m so happy.

Benjamin L.

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